[TRLog] Repeatable cw messages?

Jan Fisher jan.fisher@virgin.net
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 07:30:28 -0000

Yes I agree, this was happening to me with previous versions but not every

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Date: 19 March 2001 21:47
Subject: Fw: [TRLog] Repeatable cw messages?

>GW3NJW wrote:>
>> 1. For the first time ever since v6.32, I had trouble entering
>> calls in the call window. Sometimes, and I'm not sure exactly
>> why or when as I was busy watching my fingers, the first
>> character was completely missed. Thus when G9BF called, I typed
>> that, but the computer sent ( and the call window on inspection
>> reflected) 9BF 599#, and I had to manually edit. This happened
>> in perhaps about 5% of the QSOs. I thought at first that *I* was
>> doing something wrong, but now realise I was not.
>N0AC wrote>
>> When using the auto CQ function and answering a call the
>> first key stroke stopped the CQ, put the cursor in the call
>> window but, did not enter that letter. The result was 6TR in
>> the call window instead of N6TR. I finally had to reload the
>> previous version to continue the Russian contest. I
>> duplicated this problem on another computer after the
>> contest.
>I don't think this is related to 6.57. Maybe it's getting obvious as
>was improved. I've not yet operated with 6.57, but that problem has been
>there since
>6.52, look here:
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>Betreff: Re: [TRLog] Repeatable cw messages?
>> Has anybody seen this too?:
>> Using V6.52. When interrupting the auto-cq by just typing in the call
>> of the caller, the first letter seems to get "used up" to stop the
>> If DL1AAA called me, I end up with L1AAA in the call window. Need to
>> Escape or Space before the call.
>> I never noticed this in ealier versions, always had the full call in
>> Or am I missing something related to parameter settings (BIOS KEY CALLS
>> etc.?)
>Replies were:
>>Yes I noticed this happening to me too.
>>Jan G0IVZ
>>This also happens to me but it's only when I start entering
>>a call "just" before TR starts sending CQ again.
>>73, Ron.........KU7Y.....
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