[TRLog] Multi info message

kl7ra kl7ra@blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 14:44:55 -0900

Ran version 6.51 again in full blast multi-multi mode for the WPX.
I now use seven Pentium 90 mHz 100% DOS machines in the 
network and had zero TRLog software problems. 

I did have some IC781 logging errors where it would switch to
vhf, nonssb or some such junk. I had another 781 that ran with
no errors so spent some time during the contest looking for 
the problem. This stuff only shows up when you are in a contest
and usually I don't have the time to troubleshoot.

Found the ICOM 4 port level converter box is sensitive to RF. I could
make TRLog drop into the wrong mode/freq by moving the box
around. I put a rfi choke on both the in and out cables and the 
problem went away. If you see this problem and are using the Icom
level converter this may be RFI problem for you as well. 

We find the MULTI INFO MESSAGE display very valuable when
running multi-multi. A useful feature would be a way to clear out
the display after loading it with a lot of errors as we did. Even 
better a way the info message would go away after some set 
time. It's a PITA to announce the 80 meter frequency when the 80
meter operator is dead asleep and hasn't sent a CQ in two hours.

73 Rich  KL7RA


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