[TRLog] TR-log problems when using IC-725

Alan Kaul Alan Kaul" <alan.kaul@worldnet.att.net
Fri, 2 Nov 2001 08:26:20 -0800

SYLVAN wrote:
>I saw your posting. It is loaded with info. I wonder, should we design a
simple reporting form

>Perhaps ... like

>TR version: 6.59
>Icom model: 736

>Command: RIGHT/LEFT Shift
>Problem: Does not work


Excellent idea, Sylvan.  I toyed with only reporting the info that pertained
to what didn't work----then I thought it was important to confirm that some
things did work.  So that is why mine was overly long.

I certainly agree that  if everyone does the long form, then Tree is going
to be overloaded just looking at the incoming data.

Perhaps we should acknowledge a priority on the problems, i.e. "my most
pressing concern is that:"

Followed, perhaps, by only one or two more.....

Just a thought.

Another thought, my IC-725 is no longer in production, and it is not a very
popular radio.  I happen to be one of the few to have one and when Murphy
put my other rig, an FT 847 off the air during the CQWW, I was faced with
either contesting WITHOUT computer-control, or contesting WITH
limited-function-computer-control.  I chose the latter.  Honestly, I
wouldn't be using the IC-725 except in an emergency, or if someday I tried

ALSO, I am well aware that  Tree fixing a problem for a guy with an IC725
(me) might well be solving ONLY ONE PERSON"S NEEDS!!!!  And I suggest Tree
puts the IC-725 problems near the bottom end of his priority list.

Thanks, and 73 de alan

Alan Kaul, W6RCL, LaCanada, CA

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