[TRLog] Icom interface problem: HELP!

Larry Menzel retire@rconnect.com
Sat, 03 Nov 2001 18:47:21 -0600

Fellow listers,

I have a specific problem, and I hope someone out there has an answer. Man,
I have been struggling with this for hours!

1.  Using WX0B SO2R Master hardware. Working great.
2.  Setting up for SO2R.  Radio A is my 1000D, no problems..working
perfectly in all ways.
3.  Second rig is an IC746.  Works perfectly with Windows 98 with DX4Win so
I know that the interface is working properly, as well as my COM ports on
the computer.  Address are right, receiver address is correct in WINDOWS 98.  

4. Problem:  I cannot get TR to see the 746.  I've slowed it down to 1200
Baud, used the default 4800, tried 9600.  I tried emulating the IC765 at
receiver address 44. TR sees the 1000D and controls it perfectly. I've
moved it to other COM ports, swapped it with my packet port which was COM
1..nothing.  I'm getting really frustrated.

I've carefully looked at every line in the logcfg.dat and my .cfg
file...perfect.  The program starts and runs without spitting anything back
at me.  I've put the IC746 first and second in the .cfg file, doesn't seem
to matter in which order I run it...still does not start the interface.

HELP!  It's almost time for SS this afternoon.

The SO2R Master works fine, switches radios and controls the cw sending for
both radios...I just don't have rig control on the second radio.

Larry, N0XB
Northfield, MN

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