[TRLog] SO2R SSB hookups

Larry Menzel retire@rconnect.com
Sat, 10 Nov 2001 11:08:03 -0600

Hi all,

Well..I didn't see anything in the archives on this one, yet anyhow.

I have both a FT`1000D and and IC746 as my two radios for SO2R.  Great
combo for
cw, and really work well together for the first time for SS...although the
op didn't work so well.

OK...that's CW...now SSB...I use the Array Solutions SO2R Master for my
switching, etc.,
and the mic get's plugged into that box.  There is a two channel output for
the mics to each
rig.  Herein lies the problem, I think, and anyone with a similar situation
please contact me.

My Heil headset drives my 1000D just fine, but the 746, like most Icom
rigs, uses a preamplified
microphone.  So...is there some kind of preamp kit available to drive the
Icom from the SO2R 
box?  I have not consulted Array Solutions on this one yet, so if any of
you have a solution,
please give me an email.

Second, I tried to configure the SBDVP software for TR but find it to be
way toooo overwhelming
to coordinate at the pieces and bits.  I think N4ZR is using it, but I'm
not sure if it will work
in my computer system...guess I'll get and W9Xt or DVP card next week.

Thanks in advance for any help...on the mic situation.

Larry, N0XB
Bloomington, MN

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