[TRLog] QSL labels

Jean Giesler w4tyu@icx.net
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 14:20:26 +0000

Having recently acquired an older laser printer, I am interested also. 
I did a bit of quick checking and came up with what may be a solution.

The tractor labels are spaced one inch from top to top which is the size 
of the flat sheet labels. Only problem would be adjusting the spacing 
before the lines of printing but that is in TR's program.  The sheets 
are perforated and can be torn in half or simply reversed. Half a sheet 
is the same width as the tractor fed backing paper.

Might also be possible to set the laser printer on "continuous" and use 
the tractor fed labels.

I haven't tried it yet but would advise trying on plain paper before 
buying a pack of labels

Ole man Jean  W4TYU

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