[TRLog] Problems with SCP (Super Check Partial)

D. R. Evans N7DR@arrl.net
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 09:10:06 -0700

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On 26 Nov 2001 at 9:56, Larry Menzel wrote:

> In a related situation, TR was not putting in the zones for me as I typed in
> call signs.  Do I have to throw a switch somewhere? The manual says that it
> checks the cty.dat and one of the .dom files for this.  I start TR from a
> contest-name subdirectory, so do I have to move the .dom files to the active
> directory?

You shouldn't have to do anything special. The other op at the "fun" M/M in 
which I participated this past weekend reported the same problem, although 
I never saw it.

  Doc  N7DR

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