[TRLog] Bandmap Inconsistencies

Udo DL2ZAV dl2zav@darc.de
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 22:48:16 +0100

> 1.  An entry sometimes fails to pop into the call window when tuning to
> frequency, even though the call hasn't faded out on the BM yet.  This only
> to happen after the call has started to fade, though.
Of course it does not pop up if there is something else in the call window.
But even with empty call window, this seems to be somehow related to the
state-of-QSO TR is in (and maybe if in SAP mode). When clearing everything
by repeated Escape key presses (but not until CQ mode), everything is OK for
> 2.  When a call DOES automatically pop into the call window, it doesn't
> automatically clear when tuning away.
It does not after you have called the station (using F1 - not sure about
Enter). I think this is intended - you could have QSYd with him.
> Has anyone else noticed such behavior?  As far as I recall, it has existed
> many versions back.  I haven't been able to correlate it with any other
> conditions, but it happens frequently.


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