[TRLog] Interesting Occurrence Using 6.59

Earl Dery VE7IN-Earl@shaw.ca
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 14:39:59 -0800

The same thing that happened to Bob also happened to me, a couple of times 
in the SS phone which I was able to recover from. Unfortunately in SS CW 
with about a half hour to go this happened to me when I was digging out a 
weak "7", the exchange field popped into the call field and the call of the 
"7" went right out of my head. I felt that I shouldn't continue because I 
had to delete the entry and the Serial numbers would be wrong from then on.
I know I could have fixed it up later.My concern is I hope I wasn't a 
needed mult for the chap.

Earl VE7IN

>It's probably RF in the computer or something else other
>than the program itself, but I thought I ought to post it
>anyway.  This happened in SSB SS using ver 6.59.
>Interestingly, I had no problems with the same version in CW
>SS, where the rig is transmitting as the QSO is logged.  I
>only searched and pounced, except for three contacts gotten
>through CQ'ing.
>Several times, when I hit the second <enter>, the exchange
>would go into the callsign window wiping out the callsign.
>Then it would go into the editable log window.  The
>occurrences were intermittent and usually happened once per
>occurrence.  I was not transmitting at the time.  Sometimes,
>it would not go into the log.  I "fought" the problem by
>entering the callsign in the exchange window before hitting
>the second <enter>.  There appeared to be no rhyme or reason
>for when this problem would occur.
>Any help?
>Bob AA0CY
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