[TRLog] TRLog in the RTTY Sprint (long)

Clive Whelan clive@gw3njw.fsworld.co.uk
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 20:39:24 +0100

> most users wanted a DOS version of TRLog that worked 
> well under Windows. Many of the users didn't want to pay one dime for the 
> Windows upgrade

The first part is unquestionably true, and hardly needed market research to 
prove it.

I *never* want to pay a penny for upgrades to software, I moan and bitch 
about it all the time, but I *do* of course I do, otherwise I'd be back to 
the abacus. I am pretty much convinced that a substantial majority of TR 
users  would pay for a Windows version of TR-I certainly would, even though 
I've paid for WL-, perhaps not overnight, but that's what R&D and marketing 
are all about.

Tree, I think you overestimate the difficulty of Windows programming in 
these days of "Visual" tools. If a dummy like me can write even the simplest 
of programmes in VB, then you should be able to take over the world! Perhaps 
VB is not really the way to go, although the very creditable N1MM Logger is 
entirely in VB, and runs quite satisfactorily on my 200Mhz Pentium, even 
producing solid CW keying without glitches in any environment in which I 
have tested it. No doubt being a Pascal freak, you would wish to go the 
Delphi route, but I am not convinced that recourse to C++ is mandatory, 
which is a  pig of a language for the uninitiated. Ultimately the way to go 
for solid CW in all situations of course is the hardware route, and e.g. the 
W5XD keyer/SO2R box does an admirable job for WL. Routines for driving this 
are provided in C++ and may be freely incorporated into other progs. with 
appropriate acknowledgements in "About" files etc. I suspect that these 
routines could be compiled and built as a .dll in C++ for incorporation into 
progs written in other languages.

C'mon Tree we really need a Windows TR, you *can* do it.


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