[TRLog] My computer won't run DOS

Jack jackn2mpu@monmouth.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 20:33:45 -0400

Jim Smith wrote:
> Here it is, 2 hrs and 40 min until start of CQ WW, tried to set up
> TR and computer doesn't want to run DOS any more.
> If I double click on command.com instead of getting a DOS prompt I
> get a DOS box with white background saying, "This program cannot
> run in a window because of the way it uses the display.  Press
> ALT+ENTER to run the program in a full screen."
> When I do that I get a dialogue box from MS-DOS Prompt saying,
> "You cannot switch to a full screen while text is selected or the
> Scroll command is active.  Before switching to a full screen,
> press ESC to cancel your selection or cancel scrolling."

  I must admit this is a new one on me of getting to a DOS prompt.
Usually Windoze has an entry in the Start Menu for getting a DOS prompt.
What are your system specs (Windows version, hardware, etc.)?
  Second, it's not a good idea to try setting up your computer for a
contest just a couple of hours before a contest, even if you've used it
before. I like to try setting up my machine a day before the contest.
That way I know if I have to switch computers or do some other work to
get things running.
de N2MPU Jack FN20
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