[TRLog] Sending hex characters to the radio with 6.59

Jim Smith jimsmith@home.com
Sat, 08 Sep 2001 23:50:28 -0700

Hi Pete

> So then I read in the change message that 6.59 will "allow control
> characters to be specified for function key memories in the config file
> (using the above syntax).  These will not work if you use the Alt-P command."
> I presume this to mean that I must edit the logcfg.dat file with an editor
> that permits direct entry of Ctl-C, Ctl-D, and so on.

** Can do it that way but easier to put the following line in
config file.  

(whatever EX or CQ memory you are using) =

> Correct?  If so, is
> there a freeware or shareware editor that I can obtain that will let me do
> this.

* http://www.winhex.com/winhex/index-m.html

> Also, can anyone confirm that the following is the correct sequence for
> turning off the receive EDSP? -- <00><00><00><30><75>

* Don't know.  Haven't tried it.

  Does it then follow
> that the correct string for sending this to Radio 1 would be
> Ctrl-C SRS1=<00><00><00><30><75> Ctrl-D?

No, CTRL characters are entered as hex codes too. 

73 de Jim Smith	VE7FO

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