[TRLog] POST in VHF Contest

Jack jackn2mpu@monmouth.com
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 16:31:22 -0400

"Kenneth E. Harker" wrote:
> Two minor problems with POST-generated Cabrillo log for the ARRL September
> VHF QSO Party:
>    Generated: ARRL-VHF-JUN
>    Should be: ARRL-VHF-SEP
>    Generated: EM10
>    Should be: STX
> (a) can be fixed by breaking the ARRL VHF QSO PARTY contest definition into
> three contests: ARRL VHF JAN, ARRL VHF JUN, and ARRL VHF SEP.  (b) could be
> fixed by having POST notice that there is no ARRL section information in the
> CONFIG file and asking for it.
> Or, at least those would be my suggestions...
> 6.59 worked flawlessly during the contest.

  Don't have 6.59 - apparently I'm not on the update list for whatever
reason. George or Tree: can either of you help there?
  Anyway, to answer the two questions above: I used TR for the June VHF
contest, and used Notepad (my logs aren't big enough to warrant using
anything else) to change FN20 to SNJ (southern New Jersey). Part of the
problem here is Post doesn't seem to ask for grid and ARRL section
separately (at least not 6.58). I should think you can do the same thing
for changing the title from June to September. Basically you need an
ASCII text editor - don't know if WordPerfect or MS Word will work -
maybe someone else can chime in here.
  BTW, TR works great! Especially being able to go back and edit a QSO
is nice. A couple of times I changed bands (and radios) and didn't
change bands on-screen. I just went in and corrected things, and voila!
Is good! My rigs aren't interfaced to the computer (two different
manufacturers and not enough i/o to handle things).
de N2MPU Jack FN20
Modeling the NYC and NYNH&H in HO and CPRail and D&H in N
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