[TRLog] troubles with "reworking the contest"

Thomas R. Williams n2cu@magtrol.com
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:20:39 -0400

I agree, I must be doing something wrong. However, I copied LOG.DAT to LOG.TMP and
then typed TR READ LOG.TMP. After a bunch of beeps and strange characters on the
screen, the computer locked up. After re-booting I found that my original log was
corrupted and the new log (log.tmp) had some QSO's removed and some more added onto
the end. Is it because my original log was left in the same directory?

73 and God Bless America,
Tom N2CU <><

Tree N6TR wrote:

> > I have yet to get TR READ to do anything useful. In fact, when I
> > tried re-working the contest it totally screwed up my log. Fortunately
> > I had a backup copy of the log file.
> You must be doing it wrong.  TR READ is a great feature and works.
> I think in Ben's case, he kept the log file the same.  You have to
> rename the old log file to something else - otherwise, TR will just
> append the QSOs onto the end of it.
> Tree

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