[TRLog] Control codes embedded in messages

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:24:44 -0400

At 09:03 PM 9/20/01 -0500, 00tlzivney@bsuvc.bsu.edu wrote:
>I am having difficulty getting the embedded control codes
>embedded in messages to work for me.  In particular, I have
>tried several variations of the following:
>CQ MEMORY ALTF1 = <03>SRS=<FE><FE><04><E0><07><01><FD><04>
>When I use a terminal program to send the 7 bytes after "SRS="
>the radio responds appropriately.  However, nothing when
>using TRLOG 6.59.  I ran TR TALKDEBUG but only see the queries
>on frequency and mode when looking at the TALK.DBG file with
>the DOS utility DEBUG.
>What's the secret handshake?

What is that command supposed to do?  I don't find an FD opcode in my
manual.  I also don't understand the Ctl-C in the middle, or the length of
the command, which I believe should normally be 5 bytes.

My Mark V will respond to certain commands sent by TR, but not others --
for example, the string SRS=<00><00><00><FF><09> clears the RIT, and
SRS=<00><00><00><00><85> transfers the frequency on VFOA to VFOB.  However,
none of the commands ending in opcode <75> do anything perceptible!  I know
that there are a number of errors in the manual's listing of commands, but
an entire opcode?

73, Pete N4ZR

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