[TRLog] trlog simulator

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 15:32:17 -0800

> Is there really a  Arrl Section "NL". Where is it and what is it. 

Yes there is.  It is up above Maine.  It is called Newfoundland/Labrador.

> Also is the "WCF Section" hiding or does it come out for "CW SS"?

Not sure what you mean.  The WCF is a valid sectoin for the SS.

> I am using the trlog simulator, have 714 qso's on 20M CW and haven't heard 
> either "NL" or "WCF". 

It is very possible that the newer sections (of which these are) are not programmed
into the simulator.