[TRLog] TRmanual 6.63

D. R. Evans N7DR@arrl.net
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 17:36:03 -0600

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Version 6.63 of the manual has been uploaded to the TR Web page (and to my 
personal site).

  Doc  N7DR

Changes from prior released version (changed section numbers in square 

	Slightly changed formatting of Chapter 7 [Chapter 7].
	Added RTTY to list of supported features in General Description [Chapter 
	Multiple minor edits and fixes to hyperlinks [many places; principally 
3.1, 4, 4.2, 6, 6.4]
	Removed word EXCHANGE from the end of the possible exchange types where 
necessary (tnx, W6EU) [5.5.4,]
	Added new Appendix D on RTTY operation (mni tnx, VE3IAY) [6.10, Appendix 
	Removed all references to the BBS [cover page, Chapter 1, 6.3, Chapter 8]
	Reworked section 6.4, adding new sections 6.4.1 and 6.4.2 and including 
information about the flags in the TRMASTER.ASC file. [6.4, 6.4.1, 6.4.2, 
Example 13]
	Minor changes to Appendix B [Table 26 and following note]
	Added comment to suggest switching baud rate to 4800 on radio interface 
	Changed copyright notice to include 2002 [cover page]
	Added warning about Alt-D operation when SPRINT QSY RULE and TWO RADIO 
MODE are simultaneously set to TRUE [6.1].
	Added note about CTS and RTS connections for TS-870 [Appendix B].
	Replaced logo with the one from the web site [cover page]
	Noted that the QUICK QSL MESSAGE 2 cannot be programmed via Alt-P (tnx, 
N4ZR) [5.2]
	Placed the "Q" section of Appendix A in correct alphabetical order 
[Appendix A]
	Changed wording in the QSO Point Methods section. If someone feels like 
giving me some details of what most of the methods in the Table actually 
do, then that would be highly appreciated (in other words, what does 
something like "KCJ" or "HA DX" actually mean?) This would help people in 
configuring TR for other contests. [5.5.3]
	Added text to cover Windows XP [4.1]
	Added description of interaction between REMINDER and HOUR OFFSET [5.6]
	Added Troubleshooting questions to the ToC in the hope that more people 
will see them there [7.1]
	Added section on using TR with slower computers [4.4]
	Added database functions to ToC [ToC, 6.4.2.x]
	Added more detailed description of space bar usage to the section 
describing S&P mode. This is essentially a duplicate of the text already 
present in the Sprints section - this operation seems to be generic to TR, 
not merely confined to Sprints. [2.3.2]
	Synchronised to TR 6.60 [6.8, Appendix A]
	Synchronised to TR 6.61 [5.1, 5.5.3, 5.5.4, 6.17.5, Appendix A]
	Synchronised to TR 6.62 [6.8, Appendix A]
	Replaced bitmap files from N0SS with new ones (mni tnx, N0SS) [Appendix 
	Added more index entries [Index]
	Reformatted section 7.3 [7.3]
	Reformatted and corrected section []
	Synchronised to TR 6.63 [6, Appendix A]

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