[TRLog] TRLog in Ontario QSO Party

Robert Nash rtnash@netcom.ca
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 08:49:18 -0400

Hi Folks

I should mention a new bug that arose during the Ontario QSO Party using the
cfg files on the OQP web site. I had forgotten it until VE3ZT called and
mentioned the same thing had happened to him. I used version 6.50 last year
and had no problems. Used version 6.64 this time and the program registered
a country multiplier as well as Prov/state for the US and Canada for the
first such contact on each band! I checked version 6.55. It's OK but version
6.62 has the same problem as 6.64. These are the only versions I have
installed at the moment.

Anyone using a recent version after 6.55 should check for and delete those
extra multipliers before submitting their score.

If anyone is wondering, my 176K QRP score was after deleting them ;-)

'Tis a mystery. Maybe a change was made in the Russian DX Contest file that
the OQP cfg file is based on?

73 Bob VE3KZ