[TRLog] Adding LOG to autoexec.bat

Ron Feutz feutz@wctc.net
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 19:42:34 -0500


I just got a used IBM 300PL desktop with WIN 98 and am having trouble 
installing TR.

I off-loaded 6.70zip on a floppy, put it on the IBM, and opened it into the 
LOG dir. on the C drive with WinZip.

The install seemed normal, and I set up the first contest directory as 
genqso.  When I entered the command TR (in a dos window) the TR screen came 
up normally but the keyboard was dead.  The only response I got from the 
IBM was a beep whenever I hit any key.

I closed the dos window and rebooted in dos mode.  I then entered the usual 
path from the dos prompt (log\contests\genqso) and everything seemed normal 
till I entered the TR command.  I then got "bad command or file name".

I entered "path" and got back C:\WINDOWS;c:\windows;c:windows\COMMAND ... 
no C:\LOG.

I then did edit autoexec.bat and there was no path statement on the edit 

It seems that when I first installed the program, the path=C:\LOG was put 
somewhere that the system could find it, as the TR screen came up normally, 
but I couldn't do anything (beeps only in response to keystrokes).

After re-booting, the path=C:\LOG apparently was "lost" as the computer 
didn't know what to do with the TR command.

I suspect the IBM has some proprietary command to alter the path statement, 
since it doesn't show up on the edit autoexec.bat screen.

Hope I have explained this with some degree of clarity.

Any help will be much appreciated.  Trying feverishly to get set up for my 
first attempt at SO2R this Sat.


Ron - WA9IRV