[TRLog] CW routing with TopTen DXD

Ron D. Rossi rrossi@btv.ibm.com
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 17:19:54 -0400

Did you define the relay control port in LOGCFG.DAT?

RELAY CONTROL PORT = 1 sets LPT1 as the port using pin 14 to toggle the radios.

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>>>Ron Feutz said:
> TRLoggers,
> I have most everything working now, except the computer doesn't switch the 
> transmitter in auto mode (on the DXD).
> I am using QSK, in case that makes a difference, but Dave at TopTen has 
> told me that QSK is transparent to the DXD box, so I am assuming that PTT 
> has nothing to do with it.
> All control functions work fine, including qsy in s & p on the FT990 (radio 2
> When I select rig 2 on the computer, all info for rig two comes properly, 
> but the TX light (and the keying signal) on the DXD box stays with rig one.
> Any ideas?
> Ron - WA9IRV
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