[TRLog] Minor QTC bug

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg@harts.org.hk
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 22:44:43 +0000

Since last year's current version, Ron has done a lot of work to the bandmap
& this may explain why VE3IAY finds USER INFO SHOWN = NONE as a

I'm so thick headed, even in contests where USER INFO SHOWN is of no
value, I like it to display as eventually I might see things like why DL5DL
(my Dad's previous call) seems like a newbie Q when I know I've worked the
station dozens of times before.

The lack of USER INFO SHOWN data for a call that's off by one character than
a known good call is a good indication that there is a call to be culled from
either my trmaster.dta file, or from the master.dta file from K8CC & K9TM.

It looks like last year's version at this time was 6.58 - but since I have 
a spare
moment to give it a go, I must be in a hotel room without a radio or a serial

I do have my logs with me & see I did mostly S&P prior to every QTC sent in
the past coupla years.  I could be mistaken, but if this one has been with us
for a while, somebody should have noticed by now.

73, BW2/VR2BrettGraham