[TRLog] Clarifier kill vs. Clarifier zero

Jim Smith jimsmith@shaw.ca
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 17:46:10 -0700

Hi Tom,

You CAN use the F Keys to send hex codes to the rig.  I've been doing it 
for over a year with my MkV.  I've developed a method for simulating 
SO2R with one MkV.  I call it SO1.5R.  I've been trying to finish the 
documentation so I can put it in the public domain.  One misguided group 
actually used it in WRTC!  In the mean time check sections 5.2 and 5.3 
of the manual (mine is 6.56) and the release notes for v 6.59.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

Thomas M. Schaefer wrote:

>I think the historical reason for not having custom commands for the ASCII
>command sets like Kenwood has been because of some of the hex codes,
>especially with ICOM. It seems to me that it would be a workable solution to
>allow you to place xFDh or x0Fh to indicate a hex value. I might be wrong,
>but I do not think that ability has been added. It would be handy to issue
>custom commands to hex command set radios.
>Tom NY4I
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>Subject: [TRLog] Clarifier kill vs. Clarifier zero
>>This pertains to the MP.
>>Actually having the clarifier 'killed' is one of those distractions
>>that kill rate later in the contest when the mind is a bit foggy. It's
>>another action that has to be remembered. Someone calls up or down a
>>bit, and the natural action is to listen up or down by tweaking the
>>clarifier. If you have to fumble and remember to turn the CLAR on
>>after you realize the knob isn't working, you've probably missed the
>>Is there any reason why action "RX CLAR OFF" couldn't be replaced with
>>"CLAR CLEAR" for an MP?
>>Or alternatively...
>>Is there a TR command that can be used to create a literal MP command
>>string to attach to an F key? That would allow us to roll our own
>>combos, rather than embedding MP issues in what are otherwise more
>>straight-forward commands.
>> Or perhaps it's time to give us a macro language we can use, and farm
>>out some of the subtlety. Particularly on "niche" requests.
>>73, Guy
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