[TRLog] "Enter freq in kHz" msg

KL7RA kl7ra@ptialaska.net
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 17:45:47 -0800

 [TRLog] "Enter freq in kHz" msg

Tim writes:

> I would always get  the "enter frequency in kHz" message whenever
>I'd check a call on the second radio while transmitting on the first radio

Mirko replys:

This may be a symptom of a poor communication setup between TRLog
and the radio and not the cause. As Mirko reports, shutting off the "FREQ"
request will solve this, but other comm problems may be present.

For example, using the Icom 781 radio you will see this problem pop up
now and then if the radio or software is not configured properly. Typing
in a freq in the call window may or may not work or TRLog's freq display
will freeze as you turn the dial. Calls in the Bandmap will or will not pop
up into the call window, etc. All of this is related.

The Icom 781 has a menu item called CI-V where you must disable the
transceive function they provided for external radios. This will cure the
freq "freeze" problem as you turn the dial. Ron discovered that increasing
the command ICOM CMD PAUSE  to 1000 resolved a lot of the Icom
comm issues including the false "ask for freq msg".

I'm assuming a lot of the bandmap "quirks" are caused by radio
communication problems. TRLog polls the radio for information and in
the past we have seen problems with different models, etc. The 781
may not be ready, or spits out the wrong information so TRLog needs
to make sure the radio comm data is okay at every read. This causes
some delay as you tune the dial and will skip some entries in the
bandmap, first reported by Mike, W9RE.

Using software that takes advantage of serial port IRQ under DOS, an
Icom 781 freq display on the CRT will track "perfect" to the radio dial
and entries in a bandmap will load in the call window as you zoom up
the band. This would probably require a major rewrite of TRLog's
serial port software but may be worth it someday.  I see the radio/
bandmap issue and the problems it generates, like Tim mentioned, as
the only argument left to those last few non-TRLog users.

73 Rich KL7RA