[TRLog] Clarifier kill vs. Clarifier zero

Jim Smith jimsmith@shaw.ca
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 00:57:06 -0700

Section 5.31 of the manual (6.56) basically says that if you put (no 
quotes) "SRS=string" with a CTRL-C in front of it and a CTRL-D at the 
end into a message memory, whatever you put in the string of characters 
will be sent to the radio when you press the F Key.  The string is not 
interpreted by TR, it just sends it to the radio.  

To program the F Keys you have 3 choices.

1.  Type them into the appropriate F Key message.  Section 5.31 tells 
you how to get hex characters into the memory.  OK for one off but not 
something you want to do every day.

2.  Put the hex characters directly into the cfg file using a hex 
editor.  A bit of a pain as the file is hard to read on the screen in a 
hex editor.

3.  My favourite.  Read the v 6.59 release notes.  It shows you how to 
get hex characters into the message memories form an ASCII cfg file. 
 The method uses <> to tell TR that what's inside is a hex character. 
 e.g. <04> gets translated by TR into hex 04 which is CTRL-D.  TR will 
now allow something like 80 (going from memory) characters in an F Key 
message memory.

The MkV manual is riddled with errors in the CAT opcode chart.  See 
http://www.va3cr.net/mark5/cat%20correction%20markV.html.   Earl, K6SE, 
also did a bunch of work on this but I can't find it (even though he 
sent it to me).

I wrote a crude little Visual Basic program for sending commands to the 
MkV.  i.e. you type in the hex string the manual says to use, hit the 
send button  (or whatever I called it) and watch the rig do something 
else.  I've been meaning to pretty it up and make it available but 
haven't done so.  (The road to hell... etc.)  Antennas and station 
development come first.

Hope this helps.

de Jim Smith    VE7FO