[TRLog] TS940 firmware code vs TS850 question

paule@sfu.ca paule@sfu.ca
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 12:12:17 PDT

Those of you familiar with the ts940 and the ts850 know that
one of the problems with the 940 is the timing related to
frequency shifting ie; qsy or rit.

This shows up when using software such as TRlog and using
the shift keys to tune the band in S&P mode or the rit
in CQ mode.

Is anyone familiar enough with both code sets to know if
the 940 code could be modified so that it acts like the

I have posed this question to Jack Giehl, but so far no
response. Anyone else out there capable of making this 

cheers, Paul - VA7NT ex VE7CQK - email: paule@sfu.ca
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