[TRLog] Two radios and DVP

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:10:58 -0800

If anyone is using a DVP with two radios, a small fix was made last night
as suggested by W9RE.  I can send a new version of TR with this fix if
you need it.  This it the only thing that was changed since I e-mailed
6.63 over the weekend - so unless you are using the two radio features
of TR with the DVP, you really don't need it.  By "two radio features" 
I mean using the Control-A character in front of function key messages.

If you use Control-A to send a message on the inactive radio - the program
should switch control back to the active radio when the message is complete.
This happens okay on CW, but the program wouldn't switch back on SSB until 
a message was initiated on the active radio.  This means that if you hit
the footswitch to talk on the active radio - you would be talking on the
inactive one.  

The fix now makes it work the same way on SSB as it does on CW.  

DVK users are still at a disadvantage - since TR really doesn't have a 
good way to know when the message is complete and therefore doesn't know
when to switch the relay back to the active radio.

W9XT did give me a mod that can be made to his board to allow TR to monitor
the status of the DVK.  I don't believe I have had anyone request this support,
but perhaps that is because nobody knew about it.  If someone is using the
XT card, I can work with them to improve the two radio operation with it.

Bandmap operation when operating split is still a weak spot for TR.  I will
try to spend some time in the contest operating split and see if I can make
some improvements.

So - if you need the DVP two radio fix - send me an e-mail and I will send the
updated TR program to you. Again, there is no need for this update if you are
not using the two radio features in TR and the DVP.