[TRLog] State QSO Parties

Thomas R. Williams n2cu@magtrol.com
Tue, 05 Feb 2002 08:33:10 -0500

I participated in the Minnesota QSO Party this past Saturday and had a great time as
usual. My question has to do with logging mobile stations. This year the MnQP
sponsors made a rule that mobiles must identify their county in the callsign (great
rule!) with a two-letter abbreviation (ie. N0XB/BK). This causes a problem in logging
these stations as TR Log considers any /xx to be a DX station. Therefore, when I
tried to enter the county (Becker) in the exchange field, it ignored it. I would then
have to go to the edit window and add the county in the report received field and in
the multiplier field (if it was a new one). This was quite a pain, especially when
working guys on a county line.

In other QSO parties, I have had no problem logging mobiles using a three letter
abbreviation. Short of having the sponsors change the rules to three letter
abbreviations, is there any way to change the configuration to not consider /xx as

Tom N2CU <><

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