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Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:36:17 EST

Geo -

Regarding the 50-line mode, here are my thoughts:

Yes, I think a larger monitor is the only solution to the problem you mention.  Also, I think a traditional CRT works better with DOS than the new flat-panel LCD screens. My experience is that CRT's always use the whole screen for DOS displays, but LCD's often shrink the display or display it full screen with poor resolution.

I use a 15" NEC flat-panel LCD display (CRT takes up too much space in my shack).  If I run TR Log under DOS (I boot directly to DOS) I get a full screen display and the characters are as large as possible, but the characters tend to be a bit fuzzy.  If I run TR Log in a DOS Window, from Windows (Windows 98SE in my case), the characters are smaller, but have better resolution.  I've tried both and find that I prefer the pure DOS mode.  The larger characters seem to compensate for any lack of resolution.  

Unfortunately, DOS makes it impossible to clearly display everything that some applications might wish to display.  This would be one of the advantages if a Windows version of TR Log could ever be developed.

Hope this info helps.

73, Bob - W3YY


In a message dated Mon, 18 Feb 2002  3:39:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, K2ONP writes:

> Hi Bob,
> Was reading your comments on TR.  I fully agree with you about TR  being a great contesting tool, particularly on CW.  I also ran S/O assisted in the ARRL test.  I tried using the Bandmap feature, but had great difficulty seeing the screen in VGA mode with the small 14" monitor I have on my table.  I ended up turning the Bandmap off, and following packet spots with the CTRl-U function.  This is much less satisfactory.
> Do you have any suggestions as to how to make this more useful for me?  Would a larger monitor help?
> Also, I agree with you about the problem of of the program failing to reset a split frequency.  When your tired, it's something you can easily forget to do.
> Appreciate your thoughts,
> 73's.
> Geo K2ONP

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