[TRLog] Increment QSO number

Andrei C achat@zfree.co.nz
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 22:31:08 +1200

Hello all,

I was looking at TR-log features and haven't found about how (if possible) to increment
QSO/Exchange number. Let's say we have 2 radios with 2 operators, one of them operates
SSB and knows nothing about TR-log - keeps a paper log or whatever, the other operates
CW and use TR-log. As the same sort of exchange RST + QSO NUMBER is used by both,
CW op has to skip somehow a number of QSO numbers, i.e increment QSO number without
adding anything to the log, like
1st QSO - send 599 001
2nd QSO - send 599 002
3rd QSO - send 599 007 (not 599 003 as SSB op made 4 QSO's with # 003 to # 006 in
the mean time)

Dupes etc is not an issue.

How the above can be achived with using 599 # as the exchange, in other words how
to control #?

Appreciate if anybody gives some advise.
Best Regards and 73!


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