[TRLog] exchange problems

Jan Elburg jan.elburg@chello.nl
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 16:28:26 +0100

Dear Tr-user

Perhaps someone can give me a clue how to solve my little
problem with TR.

The following happend during the logging in the PACC contest, (as a PA

Working (for the 1st. time) i.e. DK7QB on 160m  exchange files is empty, can
fill DK7QB's serial number.
All is normal.

Later during the contest I'm again called by DK7QB, but this time on i.e.
I typ DK7QB [enter] TR gives the exchange to DK7QB but in the exchange field
DK7QB's country is filled in (DL), first have to delete DL befor TR accepts
DK7QB's serial number for the log.
This happens only with stations worked b4 on an other band.
And things slow down a little, every time have to delete the country, before
giving in
the serial number.

Perhaps some one can give a solution to avoid this problem.
This is not a "new" problem, happend also with the other (older) TR

73 jan pa0jed

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