[TRLog] Which contest voice keyer?

Larry Menzel retire@rconnect.com
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 09:55:46 -0500

A lot may depend on your particular situation, but you might want to explore
the use of SBDVP (Soundblaster Digital Voice Processor) with
TR.  I use it with GREAT success, and unlike most of the hardware cards, it
acts exactly the same for voice as TR does for the digital side.
TR knows when it stops sending your voice file, it's playback is
instantaneous, and sounds just like you.  Check it out at:


http://fermi.la.asu.edu/w9cf/index.html  to download the software.

Good luck and 73.

Larry, N0XB

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I'm looking at cutting down on some of the clutter in my shack and looking
at possibly replacing my MFJ DVK with one that fits inside the computer.
Since I am basically clueless on which ones are out there and how they work,
I thought I'd ask some of the "gurus".

I plan (at this time) to run TR Log and a Top Ten Devices DX Doubler.  The
card will go in the docking station for my Gateway PII 300 running Win98SE
and eventually into a stand-alone desktop to be used strictly for ham radio
(probably a 1 GHz+ running Win2K Pro).

Thanks in advance.

Don Ross, NL7CO/EM04

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