[TRLog] Omnibook Parallel Port CW

Thomas M. Schaefer toms@xmission.com
Sat, 20 Jul 2002 13:35:02 -0600

This is just a guess...

You might start TR with the command line of PORTS (TR PORTS) and make sure
it sees LPT1 (if that is what you are using). Its possible the omnibook has
the LPT setup differently.

Tom NY4I
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From: "Joel Kluender" <n0kr@hotmail.com>
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I am trying to get my Omnibook 2000CS (166 Mhz Pentium laptop) to generate
CW through the W1WEF Model 3 interface. I've successfully done this in the
past with my various old desktops. But I am having problems with the laptop.

Specifically, if I set up a new contest with TRLog to run CW from parallel
port 1 and then start TRLog, I get repeated dits being generated incessanly,
without any keyboard input or paddle input.

Any idea what is going on here? Any ideas, suggestions?

Joel N0KR

Joel Kluender
Amateur Radio Station N0KR
Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

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