[TRLog] Old&Cheap Laptop Advice Pease

Joel Kluender n0kr@hotmail.com
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 08:06:02 -0500


I am looking to purchase an old & most importantly cheap laptop at a hamfest 
or on e-bay, but from experience know that noise performance and hardware 
compatibility can vary widely.

What I'd appreciate from those of you who have old laptops that you know 
work well with TRLog, is for you to e-mail me with recommendations.

The only requirement is that it work well with TRLog for both sending CW 
from the parallel port and controling a rig from the serial port. My goal is 
to find the cheapest laptop consistent with these goals. I do not intend to 
use the machine for anything else.

Please e-mail replies directly to me, as I suspect others might not 
appreciate the clutter.

Thanks for your help,
Joel (N0KR)

Joel Kluender
Amateur Radio Station N0KR
Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

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