[TRLog] TR Bugs and a requests after IOTA

Andy Cook, G4PIQ g4piq@btinternet.com
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 00:14:51 +0100

I ran with 6.70 during IOTA and ran across a couple of issues.

1. POST doesn't seem to run the post contest procedure properly. When it
comes to do the multiplier check it spits out a whole bunch of QSOs (I think
any with an IOTA reference) saying that this (for example) M6T is not in
eu005 when it clearly is (and hence isn't a mult). Looks like maybe the
correct type of contest isn't being picked up? I run POST from a directory
with a whole bunch of contests in and expect it to pick the contest type
from the CONTEST_NAME.CFG file, but have even tried putting IOTA as a
contest type in the default LOGCFG.DAT and it still doesn't work.

2. When you set up a function key to send a message on the inactive radio
using CTRL-A, it doesn't track the mode of the inactive radio correctly. So
if you have the run radio on SSB and the 2nd radio on CW, it will try and
send the SSB message to the second radio rather than the CW message.

3. Minor point that if you just type POST at the command line and then
scroll through the contests, the filename under the cursor changes as you
scroll through.

4. A feature request - or maybe I've just missed how to do it. Be able to
send the contents of the results of an ALT-D in a CW message. So - say KK1L
calls me on 20m CW and I want to move him to 15m but carry on running on 20
on the main radio, I can do ALT-D, KK1L to get him in the 'ready to work on
the 2nd radio window', and then program a function key to send KK1L de M6T
on the inactive radio.

Thanks for all the hard work on getting this stuff working. May have another
mixed mode bash during the EU HF Championship this weekend.


Andy, G4PIQ