[TRLog] parallel port address problem

Brad Johnson bradj@arkansas.net
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 20:46:28 -0500

I have recovered from my embarrassment re the "ALT-ENTER" episode, and now I
have another issue which I hope you guys can help me with.

I'm actually ahead this time, trying to make sure that everything is working
BEFORE the NAQSO Party begins and have come up with a problem...using the
new computer running WindowsXP, TRLog and the interface will not key the rig
in cw mode. I confirmed that the interface was working by transmitting cw
from TRLog running on an older laptop running Windows 98.

I ran the BIOS setup on both machines and saw some differences in the LPT1
set up. I changed the settings on the new machine to match the laptop, but
the interface still didn't work.

According to TRLog's I/O Port Address Table LPT1 = $03BC, whereas the
computer's BIOS setup indicates that the base I/O address is 378. On the
laptop, both addresses are shown to be 378. I am assuming this is why the
interface works on the laptop and not on the newer machine.

3BC is not an option on the computer's BIOS setup menu. I believe TRLog has
the ability to change I/O addresses via the  "IOPORT" Command? Can someone
talk me through either changing the appropriate setting in TRLog and/or
perhaps the Device Manager menus on the XP?

FWIW...I have tried the following BIOS settings with no joy..

Default:  Parallel Port: Auto        Mode: Bidirectional
                                  Enabled              Bidirectional
                                                            Base I/O 378
                                  Enabled              ECP
                                                            Base I/O 378
                                                            IRQ 7
                                                            DMA 3

I freely admit that I know just enough to be dangerous here....

Thanks and 73,

Brad Johnson

CRA, NorCal QRP Club

"Nothing worth having comes without some kind of a fight...
Sometimes you have to kick at the darkness before it bleeds daylight."

                          -- Bruce Cockburn in "Lovers in a Dangerous Time"