[TRLog] TRLog vs XP...Direct I/O the answer?

Alan Braun albraun@earthlink.net
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:12:34 -0000

I tried it and could not make it work.

I inputted multiple different addresses for LPT1, both the ones suggested by
the author of direct i/o and the ones suggested by Tree. The program will
run as a logger but I could not make it send CW for love or money. The only
solution is to have a FAT-formatted partition and boot a different OS. I
have 2 HD's, with the C drive loaded with Win98 and the D drive having XP.
That works.

If anyone has made direct-io work properly, to where TR will talk to the
parallel port and send CW like it does under DOS, PLEASE let me know how you
did it!

Alan NS0B

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> While searching archives for insight into the TRLog / XP port address
> problems, I came accross a posting by Tree discussing the Direct I/O
> software as a possible solution.
> Has anyone tried the software? Results?
> 73,
> Brad
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