FW: [TRLog] parallel port address problem

Robert Brandon rbrandon@austin.ibm.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:22:26 -0500

FYI, we use this technique at a multi-op station where the owner didn't
want to futz with his normal Windows boot process and didn't want
complicated instructions for ops who might need to reboot in the middle
of a contest.  Floppy out = normal Windows boot; floppy in = DOS boot,
auto load of TR.

Robert K5PI

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Re-formatting and re-partitioning are a lot of work.  Here's something
to consider.  If your drive is formatted with the FAT file system and
not the NTFS file system (select your C drive in my computer and choose
Properties), you could:

- Create a "DOS" directory.
- Find a copy of DOS and copy all the files to this directory.
- Create a DOS boot floppy (format a: /s)
- Use the COMSPEC command (set comspec=c:\dos\command.com) in an
autoexec.bat file on the boot floppy so that after booting, the computer
won't be hitting the floppy any more for operating system calls but will
instead look to the files on the C drive.  

Robert K5PI

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Well, the preliminary results are in and once again it looks like
Windows XP
has reared its ugly head with regards to TRLog. I hate XP.

The emerging consensus is that running TRLog on an XP machine is a
proposition. I read about how to load multiple operating systems on the
machine and frankly, it scared the hell out of me....words like
and "partition" figured prominently.

Still open to suggestions, but I am resigned to using the older laptop
TRlogging now. Did I mention that I hate XP?

Thanks and 73,


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