[TRLog] Bandmap bugginess in version 6.67

KL7RA kl7ra@ptialaska.net
Fri, 31 May 2002 19:42:57 -0800

KL7RA writes:

> > I don't see the problem having ops edit their band log to prevent dupes,
etc, during
> > the contest as the "fix" only takes a few minutes (after the contest),
plus having to
> > dump each band PC to a floppy.

N7MH writes:

> This doesn't work if a single band is operated from different computers at
different times
> in the contest.  I think that all of our bands got shifted to different
computers at
> different times in the contest.  This happened for various reasons.

Correct, using the edit then "fix" later mode could not work if you shift
bands at a position.
This didn't occur to me when I made the post as it's almost impossible to
shift a position to
another band here at my station due mono-band amps, band pass filters, and
remote antenna
switching. I keep a backup radio, PC, monitor, and all band amp to swap in
for failures. At
one time or other I have had to use them, but for me the 80 position is the
80 meter position
during the contest no matter how loud the op complains he is under the air

73 Rich KL7RA