[TRLog] Bandmap and Rig control question/Problem

Barry Martz k8bkdx@chartermi.net
Sun, 9 Jun 2002 10:23:01 -0400

Hi All.

I was playing with ver. 6.67 today checking out the bandmap feature and the
FT-990.  I have a problem using nextbandmap.  It works ok MOST of the time
but it seems to stop in places where there are no spots.  Actually, it stops
.5 from (SOME) spots.  ie... spot is on 14.024.1, nextbandmap stops on
14.024.6.  It will do this on maybe 3 spots out of 10 on the bandmap.
ALWAYS .5 off.  I have programmed in nextbandmap in F12 and just scroll
through the spots.  I have deleted the bandmap and restart files and started
over with SH/DX/30 14001-14050  to fill the packet screen with CW only
spots.  Does the same thing.

I recyled power on everything, rig, interface, etc.  Any suggestions?
Anyone else notice this is you roll through spots using nextbandmap?


de Barry