[TRLog] Pause

Jay Pryor jpryor@ARCHES.UGA.EDU
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 09:25:19 -0400

My contest computer's hard drive bit the dust recently so I used the 
"household" PC in the Jubilee contest and discovered a minor glitch with 
the second PC.  In S&P mode, when I enter a callsign and hit ENTER to drop 
my call, there is a delay of a fraction of a second, which at times meant I 
was beaten by another station whose callsign was heard first by the run 
station.  There was no such delay when I used the older, supposedly slower 
contest computer.

The computer is a 750 MHz WIN98 booted to DOS (not a DOS window).  TRLog 
version is something-or-other "A." I think it's the latest.

Does anyone have any ideas that I might try to send my call immediately 
when I hit ENTER?


Jay, K4OGG