[TRLog] Splitting a serial port & NETWORKING

KL7RA kl7ra@ptialaska.net
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:51:28 -0800

: RE: [TRLog] Splitting a serial port & NETWORKING

Bob I2WIJ writes:
> why don't resume (and eventually do) the idea to use the TCP/IP LAN
> for networking, like CT does (via NETTSR)???

What is the advantage TCP/IP have over TRLog serial transfer? The big
reason for CT to have a TCP/IP LAN is because CT's serial interface
does not have error correction and RFI crashes the network occasional.

I use TCP/IP at work between many machines which is very necessary
as we send very long files back and forth. I'm not sure I would want to
spend the money on my Multi setup for six LAN boards when I have 
no communications problems with the serial setup. 

I would agree with my friend Bob that having the TCP/IP LAN option
would be great but I worry about the time it would take away from
other items on the wish list that need attention.

73 Rich KL7RA