[TRLog] Splitting a serial port

Toivo.Hallikivi@nokia.com Toivo.Hallikivi@nokia.com
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 09:42:28 +0200

With some help from Bernie, ZS4TX, I managed to install the Eiger Labs PCMCIA Serial card on my IBM ThinkPad T20 running Windows 95. The card installs automatically in Windows and seems to work quite reliably in DOS mode as well. I tried both Cardware 2.0 and CardSoft 3.1 for enabling the card in DOS mode. However, after hours of playing with different set-ups and trying to configure the memory both "manually" and with the help of Memmaker, the best result was only about 520 kb of free memory. I believe this not sufficient for reliable operation with bigger contests, especially with the SCP and master database enabled.

73, Toivo ES2RR

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>K7JB John wrote:
>> This is an interesting thread and I too have been looking 
>for a way to
>> add a second serial port to my single comm port laptop and 
>palmtop.  I
>> called American Starlex the supplier of this PCMCIA to 9 pin Serial
>> cable card.  But, they told me they did not know nor is Eiger very
>> supportive of this product, whether or not it would work 
>under Windows
>> 98 or DOS 5.0!
>Works under Win 95, 98, NT, 2000. As for DOS you need to have a PCMCIA
>Card Services program or something similar. Once the card is recognized
>by the computer you should be good to go...worked for me using IBM DOS
>7.0 on a TP760ED. I have also seen the card work on a pair of different
>Compaq Laptops and some other brand running 98
>> So my bottom line is does anyone know if the Eiger 
>EXP-SC1000/SC2000, @
>> $50, mentioned here work with an HP Omnibook 4150 running 
>Windows 98 or
>> DOS 5.0 on the HP-200LX palmtop?
>> The tech support at American Starlex told me that he knows 
>that it will
>> run OK under Windows 95 but is not sure about Windows 98.  No special
>> drivers required just enable the PCMCIA port.
>> The second serial port is of course a great plus for running (1)
>> FT-1000MP or other radio and (2) a Kantronics KAM or other TNC for
>> either general packet work or DX spots.  Besides N6TR, Logger and
>> others.
>> Incidentally, my local super computer store, "Fry's' I get lost every
>> time I go there", had a similar product.  But, they were out of stock
>> and price was $169.95!  Ouch!
>> Any comments would be appreciated.
>> 73's JB
>> --
>> Very Best 73's John
>> Paul Beringer wrote:
>> >
>> > Wondering if anyone has ever tried to split a serial port 
>to control an Icom
>> > 706 and also use the networking function. My laptop has 
>just one serial port so
>> > I have to use networking and forgo radio control.
>> > Paul
>> > NG7Z
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