[TRLog] 756PRO II Computer Interface

Ben Wilbanks benw01@earthlink.net
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:49:21 -0400

I just bought an optoelectronics CI-V conversion box to interface my '756 to
my computer via the serial interface.  I set the address of the radio to 100
(decimal) in the logcfg.dat file.  I also set the radio type as IC765PROII.
I'm using TR6.68.  As far as I can tell, things look ok as far as tracking
the frequency/band either with the computer or the radio with one exception.
The shift keys don't change the frequency of the radio.  And I haven't
gotten the RIT function working.  Am I missing something in the config file
or somewhere else?

Thanks for your comments and help...........Ben KA6R