[TRLog] 6 band change rule

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:02:11 -0800

K5NZ writes:

 > Keeping up with the 6 band change rule for ARRL M/S is a mess.  Why do we not 
 > have a feature in TR to help keep up with this?  We had a 10 min clock and it 
 > worked great?  Is this too hard to add?  We made 2 mistakes this weekend and 
 > I asked ARRL how I could remove those QSO's so not to hurt the station we 
 > worked.  Now they say we have to be M/M for 2 mistakes. BS anyone else would 
 > just wipe the QSO's and send in the log, happens all the time.

I think the first sentence answers the question asked in the second sentence 
better than I can.

While I haven't tried to put a specific feature in to deal with the 10 minute
rule, I did try doing off time once or twice.  I gave up and took it out.

Whenever I have thought about putting something like this in, I end up drowning
in all of the special cases that come up.  I have done this enough times, that
I try to refrain from thinking about them.

This is also an interesting case - since I am also the one doing the log checking
with the software.  Special cases like this are impossible to deal with.  I can't
"not count these two QSOs in one log, but make sure they don't count as NILs in 
the other logs" without a lot of manual work - and prone to errors. 

There are no easy answers.  I can look into adding some kind of feature to make
management of the 10 minute rule easier - but I can't guarantee that the same
thing won't happen again.  

You have probably put yourself at a disadvantage by trying to do the right