[TRLog] Wintelnetx & TR

K2ONP@aol.com K2ONP@aol.com
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 10:17:05 EST

I read your e-mail to the cluster regarding getting Wintelnetx talking to Tr. 
 As per your suggestion, I also found it critical to have the COM port on the 
Windows machine and the COM port on the DOS machine running Tr to be 
identical.  One issue I found with the current version (4.09) of Wintenetx is 
defeating handshaking protocols (e.g, XON/XOFF, etc)  in the Wintelnetx setup 
window.  When I tried to input Tr's default setting (2400/7/1/E) in the setup 
window, there was no option in the Wintelx setup window for NOTselecting some 
protocol.  I got around this by using an 8 bit packet setting (in my case, 
4800/8/0/N), which did not addtionally require inputing any handshaking 
protocol. The baud rate and 8 bit packet setting were enabled in my 
 I got the programs talking together, but am having problems with the Tr's 
sign-on terminal program (i.e., CTRL-B) scrolling.  As you suggested, I 
enabled ADD LF, and ADD CR, but still find I have to manually hit the ENTER 
key multiple times to get the screen to display spots.  I can do a SH/DX from 
within the CTRL-B screen, but again this requires multiple hits of the ENTER 

I was wondering if you had any further suggestions?

Thanks, Geo K2ONP