[TRLog] Multi-Operation

Ralph T. Stetson III Ralph T. Stetson III" <kd1r@arrl.net
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Mike another option that I did not see in Guy's note is an "Null Modem
Adaptor/Dongle" that plugs in at either end of the standard serial cable
they come in 9 and 25 pin flavors as well as many gender combinations.
This way down the road you wont have to worry about the internal wiring of
any given cable.  I have been using these Adaptor/Dongles for years now and
really does help in the sanity maintenance department for this fuzzy ol

Good luck and look forward to working you during FD as well

Ralph Stetson KD1R

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> If you are connecting a pair of laptops with a straight serial cable,
> they will never be able, has zilch to do with the program.
> If you want to directly connect two serial ports, you have to use a
> "null modem" cable which flips the send pins on one end to the receive
> pins on the other. You can sometimes buy a null modem cable at a local
> computer store or radio shack.
> If not and you have to make your own, search the TR archives for "null
> modem" and you will find some prior posts that give the pin
> connections that you need to wire one up.
> If you are already using a null modem cable, then it is most likely
> related to having the baud rates in the two, unequal, or too fast, or
> with different settings.
> 73, Guy.