[TRLog] Re: FISTS Sprint

W2AGN w2agn@w2agn.net
Sat, 11 May 2002 14:59:29 -0400

Well, I guess us old fogies better stick with pencil and paper!

Trying TR for the first time in "real life" with Fist Sprint. Thanks very 
much to Ron and George, I got V6.67.

In the exchange I enter, for example "579 MO JOHN 8129" For RST SPC NAME and 
NR, as they are sent in the exchange.

I just noticed after 10 qsos, that the SPC is NOT being stored in the log. 
For the above, my log entry looks like:

15CW 11-May-02 18:10 6 W0ABC      599 579 8129      JOHN   5

So where am I going wrong?

      John L Sielke   W2AGN