[Trlog] WPX 03 notes - 2

Arturo Gargarella lu6etb at cvtci.com.ar
Tue Apr 1 16:33:54 EST 2003

I did it. I was able to use TR in a M/M environment and these are a few

1 - Sometimes, we received "network error" or "Network error. Data may be

2 - We were not sure haw to modify a QSO.
      If I modify a QSO in one PC, then the modification was not replied in
the restant PCs.
      I have halso tried Alt-Y, but it deleted a QSO loggedd from another
      I don´t know if the next Alt-Y has restored it or not.
      We decided to put notes (Ctrl-N) to make the modifications after the

3 - PCs were slow. 1 or maybe 2 seconds to log a QSO. (is that a network

4 - We used DVP and we needed to record the messages on every operator

5 - The PCs were not synchronized. I mean they have different scores.
(Multipliers and/or QSO differences).

We used 7 PCs (one on each band) plus one in backup.

What should we do ? We must merge all the logs ?.

73 de Arturo, LU6ETB

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