[Trlog] Laptop performance issue

MFoster k0ex at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 11 12:57:31 EDT 2003

Hi guys 

new user here.  Question about my Laptop performance.

HP Omnibook5700CT
150MHz + 80MB RAM + 2GB hard-drive

When I have TRLog running in DOS, I notice sag in the
code speed as it writes to disk. 

When I pull up an MS-DOS window and run TRLog from
there, the disk-writing event is MUCH faster AND there
is NO sag in the code speed during this writing event.

Maybe not as much info is being written during the
Windows-launched session?  Or, Windows has some
control over the disk-writing that isn't happening in
DOS?  Or....? 

Anyone have an explanation?  

I know the tricks listed in the TRLog manual, and I
haven't implemented any to see what difference it will
make.  But now, my question is WHY it's doing this.


Colorado Springs  CO 

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