[Trlog] TR and QSO Parties

Richard Ferch ve3iay at rac.ca
Thu Apr 17 07:23:11 EDT 2003

On Wed Apr. 16 at 12:11:08 EDT 2003 Mike Wetzel <mjwetzel at comcast.net>
> I operated a little in the GA QSO Party last weekend and discovered that
> Cabrillo log has the last 2 or 3 digits of the frequency in the file
> of the sent RS(T).  I always elect to show the frequency rather then the
> number in the main log and I guess this creates the problem.
> I had the same problem with my Sprint logs (the frequency was in the file
> place of the qso number) but  I was able to change those 2 files but can't
> figure out how to change this last one.  I am using 6.73 13Feb03 and post
> 6.72A.
> Mike W9RE


There are actually two different things happening here, plus an overriding
point to consider, which is this: Do the contest organizers actually want a
Cabrillo file? From a brief check of the GQP rules (at
http://gqp.contesting.com/Rules.htm), I can see no mention of Cabrillo
format there. They may prefer your LOG.DAT file (perhaps after replacing
frequencies with serial numbers as described in the next paragraph) plus a
summary file.

Let's suppose for the moment that you do really need a Cabrillo file. As you
noted, the first problem is that frequency information from your log is
getting into the Cabrillo file. The work-around for this is to run POST /L
/C to produce a log file that has serial numbers instead of frequencies -
POST will prompt you for various options, the key one here being to renumber
QSO numbers. Then, by careful renaming of files (what I do is first rename
the original LOG.DAT file to LOGFREQ.DAT, then rename the new LALLBOTH.DAT
file to LOG.DAT), you now have a LOG.DAT file without frequency information.

However, that is not your only problem. Your second and more important
problem is that POST only produces valid Cabrillo files for those contests
that are (perhaps it would be more precise to say "were", since the list
keeps changing) on the list of contests named in the official Cabrillo spec
(at http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo/spec.html). Usually this is because
the contest organizers don't actually want a Cabrillo file. However,
sometimes it is because although they do ask for a Cabrillo file, their
contest is not yet on the supported list.

If for some reason I want to create a "pseudo-Cabrillo" file for one of
these as yet unsupported contests, what I do is the following: I edit
LOGCFG.DAT and change the CONTEST name to a contest that is on the supported
list and has a reasonably similar exchange (for this one, I'd suggest trying
ARRL 10). Then run POST to create a Cabrillo file for the spoofed contest,
and finally edit LOGCFG.DAT back again and edit the CONTEST: line in the
Cabrillo file to whatever the contest organizers expect. This works
beautifully for contests whose exchange is exactly the same as a supported
contest (e.g. for any contest whose exchange is RST + serial number, you can
just use CQ WPX). If the exchange is not exactly the same (as in the case of
GQP vs. ARRL 10), your results may vary; check the resulting file carefully.
Obviously neither Tree nor Ron nor anyone else can vouch for the
acceptability of a file created this way - that's between you and the
contest organizers.

Hope this helps.


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